We have participated in IPDPS 2024

Hello, this is Katayama, a first-year Master’s student.

From May 24th to May 31st, I attended IPDPS 2024 (the 38th IEEE International Parallel & Distributed Processing Symposium) held in San Francisco. From our laboratory, I presented at the co-located workshop iWAPT, and Choi presented at the co-located workshop JSSPP. Professor Takizawa gave a proxy presentation for Aoyagi, who graduated last year, at the co-located workshop APDCM. This paper received the Best Paper Award at APDCM. Additionally, Professor Takizawa gave proxy presentations for Ishii and Nakai, who also graduated last year, at the co-located workshop JSSPP.

Please refer to the program of the IPDPS main conference and the co-located workshops here.

Through the conference, I was able to gather information on the latest research trends in the field of high-performance computing and engage in highly beneficial discussions. I am deeply grateful to the professors and senior colleagues who have provided guidance and advice, enabling me to gain such a valuable experience. I will continue to strive in my research activities.

IPDPS 2024に参加してきました

5月24日から5月31日にサンフランシスコで開催されたIPDPS 2024 (38th IEEE International Parallel & Distributed Processing Symposium)に参加してきました。
この論文はAPDCMでBest Paper Awardを受賞しました。

B4 participated in a local seminar!

Hello! My name is Koda of M2

The other day, B4 students participated in the weekly local seminar held at Takizawa Lab.
In the local seminar, students report on the progress of their research and receive advice on their research from their supervisors.
B4’s research theme has been decided, and M1 and M2 will start their research activities for the conference in earnest, so let’s keep up the good work!




Hennepata Seminar has begun!

Hello, my name is Tanizawa, M1 student.

The Hennepata seminar, a joint effort between Takizawa Laboratory and Kobayashi/Sato Laboratory, started the other day.
The Hennepata Seminar is a seminar in which students read the book “Computer Organization and Design” written by Patterson and Hennessy and present the contents of the book.

This year, three B4 students from Takizawa Laboratory and a total of five B4 and B3 students from Kobayashi and Sato Laboratories participated as presenters. In addition, three M1 students from each laboratory are participating as advisors.

I hope to deepen my understanding of the basics of computer configuration and apply it to my future research.






JinさんがCOOL Chips 27で発表しました

こんにちは! D3のJin Yifanです.

2024年4月17日から19日にかけて,第27回IEEE Symposium on Low-Power and High-Speed Chips and Systems (COOL Chips 27)が開催されました.

様々な発表がありましたが,PiM(Processing in Memory)やCiM(Compute in Memory)に関する発表が,私にとって印象的でした.


Jin had a presentation at COOL Chips 27

Hi, this is D3 student Jin Yifan.

The 27th IEEE Symposium on Low-Power and High-Speed Chips and Systems (COOL Chips 27) was successfully held during April 17-19, 2024.

The presentations and discussions on PiM (Processing in Memory) and CiM (Compute in Memory) at the conference were impressive.
How to use these techniques to mitigate the huge amount of energy consumption generated by AI computation is becoming an important topic.

I was delighted to present the progress of my research as a poster.
I received many useful comments and suggestions from other participants.
Additionally, the discussions with other poster presenters were interesting.

Laboratory Seminars has started.

Hello, this is Tanizawa of M1.

The Laboratory Seminars has resumed the other day.
The Laboratory Seminars is a weekly seminar held in the entire laboratory. B4 students also started participating from today.
M1 students will also introduce their papers from this year, so let’s work even harder!