Presented at HiPC

I am Shimomura, a specially-appointed associate professor in Takizawa-Takahashi Laboratory.
I have presented my research results at an international conference (HiPC) held in Bangalore, India from December 18-21. Through the presentation, I was able to have valuable experiences such as interacting with researchers from different cultures.
The temperature in India rose to about 28°C during the daytime, which was quite different from Japan, which was just then undergoing an intense cold wave. Although we had a minor accident when Dr. Takizawa and I got separated at the airport during our flight connection on the way back to Japan, we managed to return home safely.




Presented at the PDCAT’22

Hello, my name is Ide, M2.
I recently attended the international conference PDCAT held from December 7 to 9.
PDCAT is a conference on HPC applications and technologies and has been held in various countries, but the 23rd conference was held in Sendai.

Three members of Takizawa Laboratory presented at the conference. Here are their impressions of the conference.

Jin Yifan: Hello, this is D1 student Jin Yifan.
At PDCAT22, I had the privilege of presenting my research, Towards Priority-Flexible Task Mapping for Heterogeneous Multi-Core NUMA system, as a regular paper.
I received many valuable questions and comments.
I will further improve my existing work based on them.As an audience, I also enjoyed the conference.
The presentations and posters brought by the other participants were very interesting.
They helped me to keep up to date with the latest trends in my field of research.

Sugawara: This was my first conference in a face-to-face format, but I was able to complete my presentation without any major mistakes. I think it was a great experience for me as a student.

Ide: I was quite nervous because I was not used to presenting in English, but I received a lot of advice and opinions, and it was a very valuable experience for me.
I also learned a lot from the presentations and poster sessions by others, listening to a wide range of talks, from fields close to my own research to fields I was not familiar with.

I would like to continue to do my best so that I can further develop my research based on the advice and opinions I received at the conference.




Jin Yifan: こんにちは、D1学生のJin Yifanです。
PDCAT22では、私の研究「Towards Priority-Flexible Task Mapping for Heterogeneous Multi-Core NUMA system」をレギュラーペーパーとして発表する機会に恵まれました。多くの貴重な質問とコメントをいただきました。

菅原: 初の対面形式での学会でしたが、大きなミスもなく発表を終えることができました。学生として素晴らしい経験ができたと思います。

井出: 慣れない英語での発表でかなり緊張してしまいましたが、様々なアドバイスやご意見を頂き、とても貴重な経験を得ることができました。




Mr. Sun became a member of our lab.

Hi, everyone! My name is Sun Xiangcheng. I am a third grade PhD student of Xi’an Jiaotong University in China. I am really excited to be a member of Takizawa Lab as a special research student since Oct 2022.
Before coming here, my main work was to combine lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) of computational fluid dynamics with high-performance computing (HPC) in engineering applications. I hope to learn some knowledge about high-performance computing, performance evaluation and supercomputing, and make some meaningful progress here.
I appreciate the opportunity this Lab provided. And I am looking forward to communicating with all professors and students here about research and culture!

Presentation at the 187th HPC Workshop

I am Nakai, a first-year master’s student.
I have just participated in the 187th HPC workshop held at the Okinawa Industry Support Center on December 1 and 2.
I was very nervous because it was my first presentation at a research meeting.
Based on the comments I received from the participants, I will do my best in my future research life.


この度、12月1日および2日に 沖縄産業支援センターで行われた187回HPC研究会に参加してきました。

We did a big cleanup of the lab.

Hello, this is Koda from B4.

The other day, as the summer vacation was over, all the students did a big cleanup of the laboratory.
The cleaning included air conditioner filters, servers, and other areas that cannot be cleaned in the normal laboratory cleaning process.

I hope we can continue to do periodic cleanups to make our lab environment even better!