B3 study sessions are finished!

Hello there, long time no see. This is mellow.
Just around 1 hour before writing this article, we had the this year’s final, 8th, study session for B3 students.

What are B3 study sessions

As we’ve already explained in the page For Prospective Students, Takizawa lab prepares various educational programs for students who are new to the lab.
This year, we welcomed three B3 and one M1 freshmen to our lab. Thus, we had the study sessions for these four freshmen.

This year’s study session

In total, 8 study sessions were held this year with different and useful themes.

Date Tutor Content
17th June Kaneko Environment Construction
24th June Kaneko Git & GitHub
1st July Matsuse LaTeX
8th July Sugawara C
9th July Sasaki Parallelization
15th July Furuhata Singularity
29th July Satake Python
5th Aug Minglu Machine Learning

Each study sessions were like the following photo.

Hope what students have learned in these sessions can help with their further research activities in our lab.
That’s all here. Enjoy your summer vacation~