M1 has participated in Multidisciplinary Seminar

Hello, this is Hiroki Nakai, M1 student.
Multidisciplinary Seminar was held on March 6.
Multidisciplinary Seminar is a poster presentation by M1 students on their research results for the past year and their research plans for the coming year.
From our laboratory, three students, Aoyagi, Ishii, and Nakai, gave presentations.

The presentation had been held online until last year, but this year, the traditional face-to-face presentation method was used, and many people asked questions, making it a very meaningful time.
We will take many comments into consideration and do our best for our master’s thesis.

Prof. Takahashi spoke at Cyber HPC Symposium 2023

Assistant Professor Takahashi participated as a panelist in the Cyber HPC Symposium 2023 held at the Cybermedia Center, Osaka University on March 6, 2023.

The panel discussion was entitled “Toward the New Research Infrastructure of Cybermedia Center, Osaka University”, in which the state of university computing centers was reported, and the future of supercomputers and computing centers was discussed.

Graduation thesis has been submitted.

Hello, this is Koda from B4.

Today, I successfully submitted my graduation thesis.
Although I faced many difficulties in my research, I was able to complete my thesis thanks to the guidance and support of the professors and students in my laboratory. Thank you very much.

I will continue to do my best in my master’s program, making the most of what I have learned in my graduation research!

Graduation research presentations have been completed.

Hello, this is Koda from B4.

On February 13~14, there was a graduation research presentation.
In my presentation, many people asked me questions and I was able to exchange valuable opinions with them.
In addition, the presentations by other students in the aerospace course were also very interesting and a great experience for me.
Now I’m going to work hard to finish writing my thesis for the March 3 deadline for my graduation thesis!

Presented at the master’s thesis final review

Hello, my name is Ide, an M2 student.
The main review meeting for master’s degree was held from February 2 to 9.
From Takizawa Lab, four students, Ide, Kaneko, Satake, and Sugawara, made presentations.
We are happy that all of them successfully completed their presentations and submitted their master’s theses (duplicates) by the deadline.

We will continue to work hard until the submission of the final draft of the master’s thesis, taking into consideration the comments given by the judges in this presentation.
I would like to thank all the professors in my laboratory for their time and effort in helping me revise my thesis and practice my presentation.

Next week, there will be a presentation for the bachelor’s degree. I hope you will do your best.

New Year has started!

Happy New Year!
I am Daiki Nakai, a first-year master’s student.
In Takizawa Laboratory, seminars started on January 5.
I’ll do my best in 2023!

Presented at HiPC

I am Shimomura, a specially-appointed associate professor in Takizawa-Takahashi Laboratory.
I have presented my research results at an international conference (HiPC) held in Bangalore, India from December 18-21. Through the presentation, I was able to have valuable experiences such as interacting with researchers from different cultures.
The temperature in India rose to about 28°C during the daytime, which was quite different from Japan, which was just then undergoing an intense cold wave. Although we had a minor accident when Dr. Takizawa and I got separated at the airport during our flight connection on the way back to Japan, we managed to return home safely.