PhD2 Hang Cui won the Best Presentation Award at GSIS!

Hi, my name is Hang Cui, and I’m in the second year of my doctoral program.
I attended the PhD student presentation hosted by Graduate School of Information Sciences (GSIS) in Dec. 25, 2023. Students, staff and professors from various fields attended this event. Second year PhD students presented their researches. Attends asked question and gave comments about the presented research.
I am honored to have been one of the students who received a best presentation award. I believe the environment created by this lab helped me a lot in organizing the materials, interacting with the audiences and other skills in a presentation.
I appreciate the opportunity created by GSIS, and I believe the comments from this event can help me improving my research.

A year-end party was held!

Hello, my name is Tanizawa from B4.
The other day, we held a year-end party in our laboratory. It was the first time for us to have a year-end party in person since the beginning of Corona, but it was fun to get to know a side of the members that we don’t usually see.
I am going to take a good rest at the end of the year and start working hard again next year with a renewed spirit.

Prof. Takizawa gave talks at WSSP 36

Professor Takizawa gave talk at the 36th Workshop on Sustained Simulation Performance (WSSP36) held on December 11 and 12, 2023.
WSSP is a biannual international workshop jointly organized by Cyberscience Center and High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart. This time, the presenters and audience participated on-site at the Cyber Science Centere. The event was well attended and very exciting.
The program of the workshop is available here.

  • Hiroyuki Takizawa, “Strategy and outlook for expanding the AOBA world”

Booth exhibition at SC23

I recently attended SC23, one of the largest conferences in HPC. It was my first time attending such a large conference in person and I was amazed at the variety of topics, including ones I had never heard of before!

I really enjoyed listening to some of the talks on healthcare, privacy, and machine learning as well as speaking with some of the presenters. Going through the exhibit hall was also an interesting experience as I had the chance to talk at a more relaxed pace. While I spent most of my time at booths for research institutes, I also had the chance to see how some companies are developing research ideas in to commercial products.

Overall, I had a great time attending the conference. I hope other students get the chance to go to similar conferences and broaden their knowledge on research topics in HPC.

Our new supercomputer AOBA-S ranked 10th in the HPCG list

Our new supercomputer “AOBA-S,” which started operation in August 2023, has been registered in the November 2023 Top500 list.  The list was announced on November 14, 2023 (local time) at SC23, an international conference on high-performance computing held in Denver, USA. AOBA-S was ranked 10th in the HPCG list and 50th in the Top500 list.

Prof. Takahashi presented at the QCS workshop at SC23

Assistant Professor Takahashi presented the following paper at the Fourth International Workshop on Quantum Computing Software held in conjunction with SC23. In this paper, we prototyped and evaluated a batched state vector simulator on a vector processor for simulating many quantum circuits in parallel, for the purpose of studying noisy quantum computers and variational quantum algorithms.

Keichi Takahashi, Toshio Mori, Hiroyuki Takizawa, “Prototype of a Batched Quantum Circuit Simulator for the Vector Engine,” Fourth International Workshop on Quantum Computing Software held in conjunction with SC23: The International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, and Analysis, Nov. 2023. 10.1145/3624062.3624226

Imoni Festival was held!

We held a Imoni Festival in our laboratory!
We made two kinds, one miso-flavored and the other soy sauce-flavored, and both were delicious!
It was a little cold, but everyone who attended seemed to enjoy it very much!

Prof. Takahashi gave a talk at the 191st IPSJ SIGHPC meeting

Assistant Professor Keichi Takahashi presented the following paper at the 191st IPSJ SIGHPC meeting held at the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, Tohoku University on September 26-27, 2023. This paper reports the initial performance evaluation of Cyberscience Center’s new supercomputer, AOBA-S, which started operation in August 2023.

Keichi Takahashi, Soya Fujimoto, Satoru Nagase, Yoko Isobe, Yoichi Shimomura, Ryusuke Egawa, Hiroyuki Takizawa, Performance Evaluation of a Vector Supercomputer “AOBA-S”, SIG Technical Reports, 2023-HPC-191, 1-9.

Please click here for the paper and here for the presentation slides.

The graduate exam is over.

Hello, this is Katayama from B4.
The results of the graduate school entrance examination were announced the other day, and three fourth-year undergraduate students in Takizawa Laboratory have been accepted!
I am relieved that all of us were able to pass the exam without any problems, and at the same time, I renewed my determination to work even harder for my graduation research, which is about to begin in earnest.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my professors and seniors for their constant support during the preparation period for the graduate school examinations.
I will do my best even after entering graduate school!

Tohoku University Cyberscience Center had a unveiling visiting tour of new supercomputer AOBA-1.5.

Tohoku University Cyberscience Center had a unveiling visiting tour of new supercomputer AOBA-1.5. Prof. Takizawa explained the detail of the supercomputer, and the explanations appeared in some newspapers and TV programs.