Presented at the master’s thesis final review

Hello, my name is Nakai, an M2 student.
The main review meeting for master’s degree was held from February 7.
From Takizawa Lab, three students, Aoyagi, Ishii, and Nakai made presentations.
We are happy that all of them successfully completed their presentations and submitted their master’s theses (duplicates) by the deadline.

We will continue to work hard until the submission of the final draft of the master’s thesis, taking into consideration the comments given by the judges in this presentation.
I would like to thank all the professors in my laboratory for their time and effort in helping me revise my thesis and practice my presentation.

Graduation Research Presentation Program is over!!

Hello, this is Tanizawa from B4.
graduation research presentation program was held on February 13~14. With the help of my professors and seniors, I was able to successfully complete my presentation.
I was able to listen to the research of other students in the aerospace engineering course at the presentation, which was very interesting and informative.
Now we will start writing our graduation theses. I will keep working hard until the deadline on March 4!

Participation in HPCAsia 2024.

Hello, I am Nakai from M2.

I participated in HPCAsia2024, which was held from 25 to 27 January.
From our lab, Mike, Sai, Aoyagi, Ishii and Nakai participated in the poster session.
The programme of the poster session can be found here.

It was the first time for us to make a presentation in English, and we had a hard time, but it was a good experience.
The hitsu-mabushi we all ate together was also very delicious.

Ph.D. Dissertation Defense presentations was held

The Ph.D. Dissertation Defense was held on January 12.
Two students from Takizawa Lab, Mike and Liu, gave presentations on their doctoral dissertations.

The titles are:
Mike: Enhancing Quantum Annealing Performance through Thermalization
Liu: Contention-aware Control Mechanisms for Shared Caches on Multiprocessors

Based on the questions and comments raised by the committee members, they will update and improve the final drafts of their dissertations.
Congratulations on reaching this important milestone!
Wish them a perfect conclusion to their student life in Takizawa Lab.