Server moving operation

Hello. I am Kaneko, a M2 student. The other day, members of the system section moved the server rack.
In our laboratory, students are divided into sections to share the work in the laboratory, and we, the system section, are in charge of managing the servers in the laboratory.

The servers (muffin, monaka, and muffin2), which were recently introduced to the lab, have been managed on the desks in the lab because of the possibility of frequent configuration changes.
However, we decided to move muffin and monaka to the rack because it is out of the way to keep the server on the desk and it is likely to fall down in case of an earthquake.

The work was successfully completed in about two hours despite some trouble, and we feel that the laboratory space has become a little more spacious.

Through this work we learned an important thing to solve the problem of server installation.
We were able to solve some problems by brute force. After all, power is everything. We will continue to work on various tasks in the system section and will keep this lesson in mind.