Summary of Keynote and Invited Talks of Prof. Takizawa

Hi, I am Prof. Takizawa. I was invited to various venues as a speaker this academic year. This is clear evidence that our lab is very active and all the lab members have been working hard!

It is difficult to post every presentation to this web site, so I would like to list major presentations I did in the second half of this academic year.

  • 2021/11/26: The Current Situation and Future Outlook of Supercomputers (in Japanese) @ Microwave Workshop and Exhibition (MWE2021).
  • 2021/12/08: An Update on neoSYCL @ Khronos SYCL Webinar.
  • 2021/12/09: Operation and Future of Supercomputer AOBA (in Japanese) @ PC Cluster Consortium Symposium (PCCC21).
  • 2021/12/13: One-year experience of operating SX-Aurora TSUBASA and future outlook @ 32nd Workshop on Sustained Simulation Performance (WSSP32).
  • 2021/12/16: One-year operation of an SX-Aurora TSUBASA system, Supercomputer AOBA @ NEC Aurora Forum.
  • 2021/12/19: Fighting with the Complexity and Diversity of Future HPC Systems (Keynote) @ Parallel and Distributed Computing, Applications, and Technologies (PDCAT 2021).
  • 2022/01/14: SYCL programming for collaboration of x86 and friends @ The Intel eXtreme Performance Users Group (IXPUG) Workshop.
  • 2022/03/29: A data-driven approach for making better use of compilers @ Conference on Advance Topics and Auto Tuning in High Performance Scientific Computing (ATAT2022).