Took a group photo of B4 members

We took a group photo of B4 members and professors for the graduation album!
The weather cleared up just in time before the rainy season, and we got some great shots!
What a day!

Kaneko had a presetation at RECONF

Hi, this is Kaneko.
IEICE Technical Committee on Reconfigurable Systems (2021-06-RECONF) was held from June 8th to 9th.
RECONF is a regularly held conference on reconfigurable devices and systems such as FPGAs.
The details of my presentation are shown as follows.
2021-06-09 16:10 FPGAクラスタのためのSYCLインターフェースの開発とCPU-FPGA連携の評価 [Program]

Although the presentation was given online, I was still nervous because this was my first time to present publicly at a conference.
I am looking forward to more presentation experiences and skills in the future.

Sasaki made a presentation at iWAPT2021

Hi, this is Sasaki, a master-course student.

IPDPS2021(35th IEEE International Parallel & Distributed Processing Symposium) was held from May 17th to 21st.

Although the name is “Parallel & Distributed Processing,” its scope is so large, from architecture to cloud computing and neural networks, and it is like a “mini-SC.”

The conference had been scheduled to be held in Portland, US, but was held online like last year.

In a workshop, iWAPT2021(The 16th International Workshop on Automatic Performance Tuning), I made a presentation about the file I/O characteristics of heterogeneous HPC systems and the necessity of auto-tuning.

The details of the presentation are shown as follows.

  • Yuta Sasaki, Ayumu Ishizuka, Mulya Agung and Hiroyuki Takizawa. “Evaluating I/O Acceleration Mechanisms of SX-Aurora TSUBASA.” 2021 IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium Workshops (IPDPSW). [Program]

IPDPS2022 will be held in Lyon, France if it can be held face-to-face.

I hope to be able to go abroad soon!

Hello world! Xavier

Hello there, I’m Aoyagi, a 4th-year undergraduate (B4) student.
As a part of ‘skill map’ training for new B4 students, each person gets one jetson Xavier.

Xavier, Xavier, Xavier♪♪
Have you ever heard Xavier before♪♪
That’s the same spelling as that Xavier♪♪
What a surprise, Xavier♪♪

Although this Xavier, the Nvidia’s missionary, has the almost same size as Rasberry pi, it has a GPU inside.
Xavier is definitely much powerful than its appearance.
After installing the OS, we tried to let it learn the MNIST dataset.
Xavier says, ‘No sweat!’ And his fan was not even rotated.

Okay there. It seems like we have to write some tough programs to make it sweats!

Welcome to Takizawa Lab, Singularity!

Hi, I am Furuhata a.k.a “shimo”.
A type of container environment, Singularity, is installed on the Lab’s servers.
(I spent the whole golden week (the long vacation in Japan) for it.)

Singularity is often compared to The “BLUE WHALE”.
The reason our lab chose the Singularity instead of docker is that Singularity can be ran without root permission.
Also, since Singularity is the container designed for HPC, we can actually use it in the supercomputer systems.

I strongly hope that Singularity could enhance labmate’s productivity and manage servers easier.
The father/mother of Singularity  ->

Liu made a presentation at COOL Chips 24

Hello, this is Liu from Takizawa Lab.

2021 IEEE Symposium on Low-Power and High-Speed Chips and Systems (COOL Chips 24) was held during April 14-16.

Because of the COVID-19, the COOL Chips 24 was held as a virtual conference.

I made a presentation in the Poster Session. Here are the details of the poster.

  • Jiaheng Liu, Ryusuke Egawa, Mulya Agung, and Hiroyuki Takizawa. “A Conflict-Aware Capacity Control Mechanism for Deep Cache Hierarchy.” 2021 IEEE Symposium on Low-Power and High-Speed Chips and Systems (COOL Chips 24). [Program]


Farewell party for the year 2020 was held

At the end of March, we had a farewell party for the year 2020.
It’s a pity that we couldn’t meet face-to-face for the last time due to the new coronavirus, but it was nice to have a good time with everyone in the lab as usual!
In April, new members will be added to our lab, and we will start our new life at Takizawa Lab.
We wish the seniors all the best in their new positions and the further development of our laboratory!

New server “muffin” was installed

Hello, this is Kaneko.
Recently,  a new server was installed in our laboratory. This server will be equipped with high-end FPGAs and GPUs, and will be used for research.


A scaled-down graduation ceremony was held in our lab

Due to the coronavirus, the graduation ceremony of Tohoku University was canceled. Instead, a small one was held in our lab.

Hope all alumni could enjoy their job and study in the future.
Also, don’t forget to come back again and keep communications with our labmates!

Prof. Takizawa gave a talk at ATAT2021

The 2021 Conference on Advanced Topics and Auto Tuning in High-Performance Scientific Computing was held during 3/19~3/20.
Prof. Takizawa gave a talk about Offload Programming on a Modern Heterogeneous Vector System.
Please check the details at the following link: